Friday, June 4, 2010

maybe we should be a little more appalled...

...or at least a little more broken.

I was thinking about how many people I know are searching for hope, searching for happiness. The thing is, so many of them are searching in the wrong places. Right now I am particularly speaking about friends who know the love of God but they haven't let that matter enough to let it impact their lives.

The problem is, I think they, and even the rest of the world encourages a complacency from me and anyone else who dares to care about "their decisions." People would rather not hear when they are doing something stupid and just deal with the consequences and chalk it up to "experience."

Well maybe we should be sick of that. Maybe we should care. Maybe as Christians we need to be better at calling each other out. Consciously doing stupid things hoping for acceptance isn't "experience," its a waste of the precious life we are given. I'm sick of sitting on the sidelines watching people screw up their lives. I'm not saying its not their decision what they do, but if asked or given the opportunity, I want the courage to speak up. Because I am appalled. I am broken. And I'm done spending so much time in silence.

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